Ever watchful

Although I generally don't work on Fridays, I spent the major part of this morning at the inpatient unit to support the registrar in a difficult treatment planning meeting. All went well, and then S and I packed a few things and headed north to the beachhouse. Some things that I need to be here to do. It will be a short weekend here, as on Sunday the Central Auckland Poets are doing their garden reading; hopefully the test cricket induced rain will have cleared by then.

We arrived just after high tide, and after a late lunch and rest I went bird watching with the camera. I was able to get closer than I expected to this Karuhiruhi (Pied Shag). A few more steps and it left in a hurry. And appeared to crash into the sea just off these rocks before becoming airborne again and then landing on nearby rocks. It was still there a half hour later, and then did leave properly as I went closer in an attempt to check it out. That it flew away again suggests it is okay.

I have added an extra, which is a Tuturiwhatu (New Zealand Dotterel), which was there with its mate, both blending well with the water, sand and seaweed on the flats

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