Another long emotional day going through letters and very old photographs and theatre memorabilia of my mothers, I am trying to get everything into their own categories so that when I’ve done all the other big stuff in the house I can go back to this task and catalogue it all properly and whittle them down to the best parts So that the next generation doesn’t have a horrendous job that I have.

Mum kept 120 of my Disneyland comics, I don’t really want them, I want things to be used and enjoyed Not stuck in the back of a cupboard for another 45 years, i’ve put them on eBay so hopefully somebody will want them. I think this is my favourite cover, I might actually keep this one and frame it.

Zebedee and I went for a walk to the shops and had a good chat, is a good listener.

Max was out at his agent surprise lunch in town and had a great time and made us all a lovely curry when he came home.

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