Blue Sky

Does anyone use Audible?

It seems pretty expensive. £7.99 per month plus the charge for each book.

Anyway, I have a new mobile so am using a month's trial and downloaded "Birdsong" by Sebatian Faulks.

I went off for my walk first thing, wired up to my mobile. As I reached the Caen Hill flight, the mobile buzzed and it was Google suggesting I take a photo because I was at a popular site for photographers.

Of course, I was going to take a photo anyway and here one is. A bit disconcerting that my exact location was known. Useful if I disappear I guess.

I realised that I am a thinker and found it difficult to switched off my brain and listen to the book. Perhaps a bit of practice is in order or I may cancel once the trial is up.

Beautiful morning.

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