Frosty Sunrise

I have to admit I wasn't that keen to get up but the frost and mist beckoned - and there may not be another chance before next winter! It was well worth the effort and I have plenty of photos to choose from. The sun surprised me by being quite orange - I had thought that it may be red...... Another in extras (yes - even will a second journal, I'm struggling to choose :)). I love them both but experience has told me that vibrant gold/orange sunrises can sometimes take on a most unattractive hue on some screens, so I I've put that one as my extra. I'm sure you will have your own favourite!

The image that I converted to black & white was taken shortly after I'd left the river and gone to investigate the light pouring through the trees of Beech Avenue.

Huge thanks for all your lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's experimental blip - I'm thrilled that so many of you liked it enough to give it a heart!

Ann :))

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