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By rsdphotography

SOB - Cabo Day 7: Triples

The final full day of SOB brings many photo choices. I could showcase the group photo as I have done in past years. I could choose an action shot from the annual USA vs Mexico match which happens every year. I chose instead to pick a photo of the champions from the inaugural Triples Tournament. Because there is a two to one ratio of males to females on this trip (other trips are evenly split), each triples team consisted of one woman and two men. I was asked to play so there were enough male players for all the women who wanted to participate. I have been itching to play in an SOB tournament ever since I started taking photos for this group seven years ago, so I was very motivated to make the most of my opportunity. We were a perfectly matched team (no doubt helped by having the reigning Women's Blanco Division winner as our female member), played some great volleyball, won our pool and both playoff games to take the title of Lower Division Triples Champions.

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