Daffodils at Ford

We allowed plenty of time to get to the pub in Kelso, where MrM was playing jazz guitar for a singer. As planned, we stopped on the way at Ford, for a look round the antiques at the Old Dairy. We were both taken with an Art Deco bench but, unfortunately, my wildly high (I thought!) guess at the price wasn't far off the mark. No harm in looking! 

Before leaving Ford we crossed the road to admire the fabulous profusion of daffs in the churchyard (extra shows a view towards Ford Castle). Then on to Kelso via the scenic route - some fabulous views of the brooding, snow-covered Cheviot hills as we drove (extra).

It was an enjoyable gig but the audience, apart from a few regular drinkers at the bar, comprised only eight people, all of whom are friends of the performers - it seems that the pub had neglected to advertise it! Afterwards, we spent a very enjoyable evening with L and M, who had invited us for a meal. 

Hope you're having an enjoyable Easter.

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