The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Security checks!

As a new member of staff to the Scottish Government I had to supply my new employer with ID this week and go through the process of applying for a staff security pass. These are important to make sure all staff/visitors can be identified and there are certain building entrance procedures we must follow (obviously I will not disclose these here).

I was able to collect my official pass today and blip part of of it. I’ve covered up some of the parts of my pass so that this information is not made public by me. I am pleased I can now enter the building through normal security procedures with my new pass rather than having someone come with me to do so.

Today has been filled with more meetings - one with one of my supervisors (a Senior Research Officer associated with my department) and also a meeting with the member of SG staff who is responsible for the interns overall. I have answered emails and completed ethics forms which were then sent to my supervisor to be checked. For a Friday it has been a very busy day indeed (a reflection on what the next 12 weeks will be like).

After my first week in the Scottish Government I feel settled in my team and project, and now know what I’ll be doing for the remaining twelve weeks.

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