Hooded Crow--Albania

Today began again with a clear sky (clouds came later); we drove up yet another incredibly rough mountain road in 4x4s  to an area with two  farmhouses.  The higher one had modest café offerings and a shaded veranda.  Marylee and I stayed around, taking a good short walk, while the rest of the group went further. But they were stymied sooner than expected by snow (it’s been a late spring, as everywhere in Europe) and returned by 13h to have their packed lunches.  In due course we drove back down to the main road. Four of us headed to a small 200 –year-old building which was the birthplace of an Albanian soldier (Mic Sokoli) who died heroically in 1881; it now is a museum which we visited.  The main blip is a hooded crow near the main road; the extra is a Eurasian jay which flew past at a distance on the mountain.

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