The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Sunday Skype session

Our Sunday was spent trecking all over Edinburgh. We are looking for some A0 size cream or ivory card or paper to mount a picture on before it is framed. The picture is an awkward size but now requires me to go back the last 3 years and write down every town, city and country I have visited as part of my PhD. The picture itself is a scratch off map so I also need to locate each town, city or country and scratch it off the map. I think that is something I’ll have to do in bits.

When Chris bought me this for Christmas he had not considered the process of backing and framing the picture so it could be hung up. He also had not realised the process of scratching off all towns and cities and the fact that it’s not something I have a lot of free time to do. We found a frame no bother but the backing card/paper is proving to be another thing.

This afternoon I also Skyped my sister, Mam and Grandparents. However, we did have some issues with Skype, as blipped, so we had to video call via Facebook instead. I made sure my nana was well informed of the going’s on of my internship.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind!

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