What's Going ON?

Mr Red was just as shocked as I was with the weather today.  Although, the blip looks bright, literally 15 mins earlier it was low visibility because of snow!!  I had almost called it a day with taking photos when the snow stopped abruptly and the sun came out...briefly.  Then it snowed, rained, sun again, then back to snow....crazy.

Today was the Ontario Literacy Test for the Grade 10 students.  It is province wide so no other student goes to school today (high school) to permit the Gr. 10 students to have the school completely quiet while they write this day long exam. They need to pass it to graduate, so you can imagine the pressure they feel.  I spent the majority of time with the students who need assistive technology to complete their work.  What a headache....technology never works smoothly!  All finished for another year...I hope they all did well and are far less stressed tonight.

I have tomorrow morning off so am hoping for some decent weather.  Hoping I will see the coyote again   : )

Thank you for all the stars, hearts and comments for the clever little nuthatches!  Much appreciated...

D x

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