Boiled Beef 'n" Carrots

This is the results of a bargain buy joint of rump beef that I bought as it was too cheap to refuse. 

I don't usually do food blips as I cringe when people post food pictures on facebook but I had to share the method here as it is simple but delicious.

I decided to cook this overnight for nine hours in the slow cooker as it was fast approaching "use it or lose it". No fluid just the meat seasoned and into the pot...I let it cool the next day then took the meat out and skimmed the fat from the stock, almost a litre. 

I have thickly sliced the meat and reheated in some of the stock, removing and thickening with some "Ah Bisto", other gravies are available.

Served with sweetened carrots it was simply delicious, just goes to show that you don't need beef to be pink in the middle, it just fell apart...thought I'd share my new method of cooking joints as I've done this with both spiced pork and lamb and have had great success with very little effort, low and slow is the way!!

I've decided to stick with Blip but cut back on other social media but I may not be blipping full time, just as and when I can. I'm also going to have a bit of a clearcut and stick with my regulars who interact.

Happy weekend, enjoy the sunshine :)

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