More digging

A lazy morning then a coffee in Sheringham while Henry had his hair cut. We tried The Sitting Room, recommended by fellow blippers, and were not disappointed. It has real homely character, and the tea, coffee and cakes were lovely.

Back home we had arranged for a local builder to give come and look so that he can give us a quote for cutting through to the garage, and putting in a toilet and all the bits that go with it. I'm now a bit worried that it will be beyond us. We tried to think about what our budget would be, but I guess it costs what it costs and we just have to wait and see what he says. It has got the ball rolling now, which is positive.

At 3ish we drove to the allotment with the trailer and lots of stuff. It wasn't sunny until later on, but it was dry. Jon laid out a new bed ready to be dug, then got on and dug it. I sort of dug a bit, weeded a bit, faffed about going from one bit of weed to another bit. Jon did well to keep his temper. He is a very organised, tidy and systematic person. Things are done in an order. I'm, well, I suppose I'm just about the opposite - and he tolerates it! I took some currant and gooseberry bushes from the garden and some a friend gave me, and planted them in the new bed. I also planted my rhubarb. Two plants. Hopefully the unenriched soil will be ok for them. We will do more tomorrow.

I cooked curry for tea and now we are stuffed and sitting in front of the tv. Enjoying the Historical Cities programme on channel 4. It is all about York this week. Last week it was Chester so I really enjoyed that. We were in York for our holiday last year, so it is nice to relive some of those memories.

This time last year we were in Lincoln in the caravan with the boys. Can't wait to get our caravan back home so that we can spring clean it for our first trip away at the end of the month.

A nice day. Sun tomorrow isn't promised...But woukd be very welcome!

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