.........our amazing weekend with Tony Hewitt, (see yesterday's link)  Canon Collective and Camera Electronic.  What an experience we have had. 

Out brief was to find something ordinary and tell it's story - kind of.......
I was pretty chuffed with the critique he gave on this image even though it was a "just send something!" decision.  I wasn't very happy with any images from yesterday so up before the sun this morning , down to the river, then to the beach.  Home now and feeling as though I have learnt both from the Masters and also from the other photographers in attendance. We estimated there were over 80 of us in the Landscape challenge with far less in the portrait and travel photog sessions. 
And no, no prizes here just a feeling of achievement and quietly pleased with myself for being brave. 
I forgot to mention, all our images were projected on the MASSIVE screen in the Imax cinema!!!!!! I mean...........ENORMOUS!!!!! (Quite exciting really ;-)))

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