3 eggs today

At last all three are laying again. In fact Dotty and Babs were both trying to squeeze onto the small nestbox area together in their eglu today. So as a reward, I let the roam the garden, intending to leave them out just for a short while, or they eat everything except the weeds! I then promptly forgot I had left them out, and went to wash the car! Later when I remembered they had done a good job of making dust baths in my flower bed. I shooed them into this corner where there are a lot of weeds and then sit them in with old fencing. They happily scratched until 5.30 when I put them away.

It has been an outdoors day all day. In addition to the stuff at home, I went to the allotment to do more digging. I'm making a raised bed for my strawberries. I want to get it done soon so that I can plant them. When it is done, no doubt I will blip It!

I'd made a beef casserole earlier and it has been in the slow cooker all day. A hot bath and now tv ends my day. I could do with just one more day tacked on to my weekend. The bathroom still needs cleaning, and some ironing needs to be done, although Jon did his work stuff.

Henry is back to school tomorrow with GCSE starting in a month. He says he understands he needs to revise, and I know he is doing some. I hope it's enough. It's going to be a stressful 2 months.

I'm at work 5 days this week; first full week since before easter. I just hope my headaches keep at bay!

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