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Wild daffodils

The Woodland Trust manages Letah Wood, just 3 miles south of Hexham. It is mixed woodland around the Letah Burn, which meanders its way through the wood. It is thought to be the last wild daffodil wood in Northumberland.

We had a big committee meeting this morning. "Big" because it was the one where we check that everything is in  place for the festival which starts in 2 weeks time. There was a lot to sort out and we were all tired by the end. Hopefully there will not be much to do at our next meeting on 23rd.

In the village, there was sad but expected news last night, when our friend, S, died. She received a diagnosis of acute leukaemia only 5 weeks ago and the difficult news that there was no treatment to cure her. A lot of people are devastated at the moment and trying to come to terms with her death.

After lunch, I decided to have a breath of fresh air and went to see the wonderful daffodils in Letah  Wood. I had the whole wood to myself. I hope that more people go before the daffodils finish. The wild garlic will soon carpet the floor with white flowers and then the bluebells come. It's a wonderful place and it gave me time to look and see, as well as time to think.

My extra is a tree that caught my eye from across the Burn. It nearly made it as my blip......

Spoiler alert fro Uni Challenge:

We were sad to see Newcastle go out, but Merton are a terrific team and may win the final. Only Connect was hard, but I had one or two answers for once. I was shouting "Sigmund Freud" at the screen!

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