Milford Sound

We were just leaving for Milford Sound this morning when we got an email to say the trip was cancelled as the road was closed due to snow.
That was a bit of a letdown. We went to the tourist info who suggested the bird sanctuary. We tried that but it was raining and there were few birds venturing out so we headed off down the lake for a drive.
Suddenly we found ourselves at the road block for the Sound. We expected to be turned back but a very cheerful young lady said the road had just opened. She encouraged us to keep going as the scenery was magnificent but we had to be out again by 4:30pm as the road would be closed again in expectation of more snow.
The scenery was indeed as promised and the sun came and went. It was 2C and snowing lightly at the Homer Tunnel.
We were too late for the cruise although a few people made it. Not sure how. However we were very happy to have seen the Sound from the shore as well the stunning landscape.
I mentioned yesterday I wasn’t looking forward to the hoards of other tourists. Needn’t have worried as the place was almost deserted. Quite eerie, and perhaps a better solution.

Extra is near Te Anau in the lovely light.

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