East and West Boom Towers, Norwich

At lunchtime, we intended to take a long walk to work off the stress of a busy morning. We walked down to the river via the main road, then followed it along the riverside path towards Carrow Road and the Riverside shopping area. Coming back up to the road so that we could cross and do a loop, I took this photo. I had originally planned to photograph the East tower, as I'd seen it briefly last time we walked here, but then I spotted the other tower on the west bank of the river. I've just done some research. There were originally 40 towers controlling the main thoroughfares in medieval Norwich, plus these two Boom Towers controlling the water access. The walls were started in 1294 and finished in 1350-ish. Bits of the walk remain all round the city and I have blipped some before, but not the towers.

We crossed over the road (eventually, it was very busy) then walked up a steep very long footpath staircase which took us from Kings Street to Carrow Road. The path took us past two other remaining Towers, which I will go back to another time. We did a circular walk back down Ber Street to Timberhill and through the shopping centre back to the office. It was just over 2 miles and we were feeling warm when we got back to the office.

Another busy work day, but I won't bore you with it. I left at 5.15 and got home in an hour. No swimming. I'm not sure where the evening has gone. I sewed up holes in one pair of my socks that I didn't want to bin, although once I'd started I realised how thin they are. A wander round the garden, then after dinner (which Jon cooked, sausage and mash) I went in the loft to find some summer shoes. I put my summer clothes away every year. I pulled out a few clothes as the weather is due to improve. But anything I tried that wasn't stretchy, doesn't fit. :(. I'm so over weight but I just don't have the will or willpower to fix it.

Watched tv had a cuppa and two rich tea biscuits. See.

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