By Topsyturvy

A long drive home

It took me a while to get home from golf this evening as I kept stopping the car to take another photo of the wonderful skyscapes. It's been a dry day, sometimes sunny, sometimes not; sometimes warm, sometimes not. I had good company on the golf course and I'm fairly happy with most of my round.

There are bird sounds all around as spring kicks off. The curlews cry in particular is always heart lifting, like a slowed down skylark. Or maybe not! The oystercatchers were in their usual spot on the golf course; it can't be the safest place to raise young in some respects but I suppose the presence of humans deters predators sufficiently to compensate.

LH managed a bit of mowing today and started this year's war against the docks. He's just finished watching a nail biter of a rugby league match involving his home team; fortunately the right side won so Poppydog and I are safe to return.

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