In Van Gogh Style

Another day of wonderful blue sky and sunshine apparently the hottest for April on record. However with lots to do I’ve had to settle for a quick garden blip instead of an adventure in the sun. Earlier in the week our washing machine broke. It’s given us a good few years, they’re not built to last these days, so been out to buy a new one. With the washing piling high fortunately for the cost of less than a couple of loads at the launderette we can have it delivered tomorrow instead of middle of next week. Next stop the furniture store where we’re looking at exchanging our faulty bed (don’t ask we’ve had no luck with our purchases recently just hope it’s not the same with the washing machine!) however having decided not to reorder the one we have already we couldn’t decide on an alternative so decided to leave it for another day.

So for today’s blip I’ve joined in with Abstract Thursday with today’s theme being Impressionist. I thought this reminded me of a Van Gogh but don’t go comparing them side by side cause it’s probably nothing like one especially since Van Gogh sunflowers were in a vase and mine are held up against today’s glorious blue sky. Had to get that blue sky in there somewhere lol!!

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