Bill and some of the Family

at his mother's funeral. He is my Brother in law and they are my nieces  with John who is engaged to Mhairi, the two on the right..... looking forward to the wedding xx

The funeral was good. I like funerals as it gives us a chance to meet up with usually the family and sometimes friends.........and we have been to this place before for my friend's Mothers funeral.

I had proposed to blip the deceased's Great Grandchild but I didn't get the best picture of him although I will put him in second shot. He was a very good boy really but his mum and dad thought that he should be kept out of the proceedings in the church/crematorium. The minister was good I thought. I am ............lets put it bluntly atheist but it didn't stop me liking a lot of the the singing, the actual place, and definitely the people there. Poor Mummy of Fraser took him out and had to run around after him as he is of that age....20 avoid disrupting the funeral of his Great Grandmother.. As I have said I don't go to church unless there is a special occasion..........Weddings, Christenings and Funerals but all of these events are very good unless of a tragedy or young person dying. We saw people that we know like Bill's sister and her wife, a nice person too. 
Occasions are good. I recognised a lady that I thought was a relation but she is with her husband a relation who came to support Bill and Lyn as they are members of the same church. Well then.............that is a good thing and if religion did not survive maybe there might be less of these good people around.

Dinner shortly........... and thank you if you have read my musings.

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