By MarkHirst

Folly Dolly Falls

I good photographer I know shared the location of one of his photographs and so in search of my 100th blip off I went. 

I was joined by my wife and visited the falls when not much water was flowing , this was so that I could get in close and capture the wonderful colours created in the rock formation over many many decades.(see Main Photograph)

The falls were a Victorian spectacle and Sunday day trippers used the halt on the Huddersfield to Meltham railway line to picnic and enjoy the scenery of the little Valley. (extras photos shows people now walking along the disused line and a wider view of the falls).

Along our travels we met a local guy who gave us an insight into how the falls came about, of which his was one of many tales past down from generation to generation. 

Others include. That of a women named Dolly who lived in one of the cottages above the falls and got into financial difficulties, the ending of her sad story is not known.

If you  look elsewhere on line you will find a half story about a women named Dolly building a cottage somewhere above the falls. Why that should be dubbed a Folly is not explained.

Another story claims it took the name from the suicide of Dorothy Seymour   who jumped over the waterfalls after being jilted by her lover

The story we were told today surrounds a local business man who wanted to wash the wool taken from local sheep before sending to local mills. He realised that water  would power the machinery required so he built a dam and a water wheel at the falls, only to discover that when little rain had fallen then no water was available to provide the force required to turn the wheel.

Which every story you come across or even believe this is a magical place to visit.   

Afterwards we ended up in a lovely cafe in Meltham. I must also say from a none photography point of view the Orange chocolate cheesecake was superb. Now that is true.

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