Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Better jump to it!

Although the morning temps were quite cold, by early afternoon the sun had warmed the patio enough that things were starting to stir.  I was sitting on the patio having a phone chat with blip-buddy PhotoMatt,  when I spotted this wee Bold Jumping Spider on the table next to me.  Without missing a beat, I held the phone with one hand while propping the macro lens on the table with the other and fired off a few shots.  

Jumping spiders tend to face anything that is threatening them, so I was able to get his big puppy-dog eyes looking right at me.  I ended up stacking two images to try to get a little better focus on both eyes and "pedipalps" (those fuzzy leg thingies).  I do love these little spiders - and, no, I can't even believe I just said that.  Me, who used to run screaming when I saw any spider, no matter how small.

I heard an Eastern Phoebe (bird, not our calico cat) singing in the woods - first of the season.  The bluebirds were back today and have even put a couple of pieces of grass in the nest box - still not totally committed yet though.  The goldfinch males are all well into their moult and starting to look positively dashing.  

I have done laundry and hauled a suitcase out of the basement.  We need to leave for the airport quite early tomorrow morning, so I'll pack tonight - shorts and t-shirts for the most part.  And by this time tomorrow, I'll be just about to land in Houston where HillyBlips and her Hubs are picking me up at the airport for a week of blipping adventures!


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