The second half of life..

By twigs

Fashion statement

Today was one of those days where 2 steps forwards meant 3 backwards - getting one job out of the way only to have it replaced by another 2! I've felt like I was chasing my tail a bit.

I guess a fashionable collar like this might stop me from doing that - chasing my tail I mean.

It's certainly stopped LB from chasing his cathetered rear end and from pulling out the drip in his forepaw. I think he'd managed to do the latter at least once since yesterday so the vets decided he needed to be restrained. Poor wee mite. He was very pleased to see me when I visited late this afternoon and I think he really is on the mend. He even ate a full bowl of food which was no mean feat with a collar that limited how far down he could lean.

Home to some normality soon I hope :)

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