A wet lake

Aren't they all? Well this one was nice and dry till last week! Now it's a sploshy mess of ice with water on top. The becks are roaring, the rivers racing the lake is high and the ground is sodden. And the melt continues.

We walked by the lake, into the forest and then came back home for a rest. In my case not wanting to overdo the shins (they are much less sore, but still sore - maddeningly) and in Keith's case to rest after bashing his nose and eye when he fell into something hard. He now looks like he's been fighting!

I used Keith's resting time to fold a huge box, using the biggest paper I could find - encouraged by Lynn. It ended up at a feeble 17 cm square, but it's bonny paper. To go bigger will involve splicing paper - no! I have a really big roll of brown paper - perhaps I can try that...

The evening began with a very tasty meal at the Lebanese restaurant on the dockside in town, followed by the Socialist party meeting. Planning a lot of fun activities in the park to mark May First which is a public holiday here, and getting in gear for the up-coming elections.

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