Song of Joy

I am having the most wonderful time here in Texas. This morning we went to the Galveston State Park and saw a marvelous selection of birds; then we took the Ferry to Bolivar Flats where we saw this happy Meadow Lark singing his heart out. We saw many other birds; see extras for a few of them.

All of these Blippers who I have felt like I have know for years, now are my friends in person.......what could be better than that? Of course, you already know that Blippers are the most wonderful positive people ever, right? There is a bit of silliness and a LOT of laughter.  I got to go on the adventure today with Anni (Biker Bear) in her convertible ........very cool.......really cold in the morning with the top down until we turned the heater up high. :-))    

I just added a photo of the Heron with the tiny crab pinches the Heron's beak......for you Debbi and Hilly.

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