MonoMonday: Downtown Broome

I can’t seem to find a host or theme but it is Monday so here is a mono of downtown Broome I shot from the car as we drove past this evening.

Broome is a town in the far north west of Australia, 2,346 km from Perth.
When Mr isbi visited in 1976 the main street was a gravel track and the buildings tumble down corrugated iron shacks.
Now it is more modern and the old town has been rebuilt in traditional style in smart corrugated iron.
You probably could go into the Roebuck Hotel without getting beaten up these days, although when we tried to buy some wine they said they couldn’t sell it to us at the drive through unless we came in the car (which was parked across the street). Lucky we had hired one :-)

There are several upmarket resorts and no shortage of pearl shops but one local described it to us as a “welfare town”.

Please look at my extra which was the highlight of the day.
I had timed our trip to be here to see “Staircase to the Moon” when the full moon is reflected in the mudflats at low tide creating the illusion of a staircase.
I got to the beach in good time and had a perfect spot. There were plenty of other photographers around. Some with tripods and others relying on flash ;-)
I was also last to leave but would have been eaten alive by mozzies otherwise. I was cursing as had left the repellent at the hotel when I noticed a half full container in the grass right at my feet. Someone must had dropped it there. So what a lucky find. It helped a bit.

PS It seems the theme is Street Portrait. Lucky again :-)

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