A box of boxes

I packed the box-workshop away as we are off on our travels tomorrow and there was other work to be done. The garden called! Dodging the snow heaps I raked and tidied several of the flower beds. They have never looked more flattened than they do this year, one and a half metres of snow will flatten anything I guess.

Speaking of which, I mended a wind-chime that the snow had torn to pieces, and improved it with some golden bits of metal. If you open up a metal tube (tomato puree for example) and cut off the top and bottom and a sliver along one of the edges, you can flatten out a nice piece of metal foil. it can be cut with ordinary scissors, and you can emboss the foil too. Raw material from the rubbish, one of my favourite things.

There are 10 cm of tulip greens coming up, there are blooming white crocus, and there are many shoots popping up all over the place - right next to the snowy heaps. It's all quite odd really, but encouraging! Soon there will be so much new growth and that gorgeous lime green in the new birch leaves. Hope we don't miss all of that by flying south, it only lasts a week at most.

The big box is 15 cm square (6 inches) and the others go from small to smaller, to tiny, to bonkers. I enjoy the irritatingly fiddly ones, and interestingly the largest one was the most bother - flapping about the place in an unruly fashion!

No idea how internet will be for the next week or so, apologies in advance if I go a bit quiet. I plan to have something of an internet break, although the UK local elections will have to be attended to. My brother Dave is up for re-election after over 30 years on the council for Labour. It should be ok, but you never know - Blackburn, a place that benefitted so much from EU money, voted 58% to leave the EU. I understand so little of what moves people to vote one way or the other, with so many deeply flawed leaders in the world at the moment.

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