The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Smiling bride

Now that everyone has seen the wedding photos, I can blip some of these. The photo is credit of Rosie Images Photography. I believe this was when my da was making his speech (and I may have cried my eyes out beforehand.

I was smiling in this photo but today I have not been smiling so much.

I am awaiting the results of two conference submissions (both have been delayed due to extended submission deadlines) and two assessment results (one to see if I have got through to the next stage and one a lot more important and life changing than that). I have quite a wait over the next couple of weeks which is not ideal and it means a bit of worry ahead until I get the acceptance/decline, yes pass/no fail, and offer/no offer.

Here’s hoping the waiting brings good news!

In the meantime my little flat has been invaded as we have a family wedding tomorrow. It will be a nice few days of annual leave and a good weekend to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.

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