Tiny Nest .........Homemade Sculpture

OK I made it from what was lying about in the Greenhouse. This was the chosen picture for today althouth there could have been others....... see extras.

We had J today and he was a good boy all day........We went to a a place that makes boxes for our plants but we thought it might take some time although J wanted a couple of plants that I suggested. He asked a lot of questions especially about how high the plants would grow to. I answered as honestly as I could but I did not recognise the baby trees etc. We looked at bonsai d plants and other stuff which was very well priced. J wanted a Livingstone Daisy as that is where he lives although he belongs to a different Livingston. 
Anyway Mr AF and me were a bit sore and tired today on account of the gardening yesterday but that will be good for us in the end. Hoping to make a date with the other family soon and I think we might have done it.
Extras for Tiny Tues but I have already submitted my idea.
the others are tiny motive Tigers ( on umbrella) and Tiny plant with tiny dots.......2 tinyies in one........... 

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