On tap

Someone else cooked dinner tonight which is always a bonus. Better still it was salmon. Yum, yum, yum.

The house key I lost inside the the day after I returned from Dad's funeral turned up today. It was in the peg bag. "Why not?!" I said and laughed.

My main builder man Craig came and inspected why my garage leaked at the junction of the block wall and floor. It's a puzzle but I know that if it leaks again he'll sort it.

Craig also fixed a couple of loose brackets holding ventilation pipes onto the house. He reassured me on a couple of other things and explained some aspects of how my home is constructed.

I gave Craig a craft beer because he's such a decent bloke.

I had a wee cry because it was something I would have told Dad. I did anyway.

Today's gratitude: For the relief that having a good and competent tradie brings, and for friends.

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