Walking the Dog

My lessons start later on a Thursday this term so there's time to walk Archie before heading to work. It's a much more relaxing start to the day than dashing off from school.
Miss E was flagging when I picked her up this afternoon. She argued as usual about her 11+ homework and then flopped around whinging about feeling poorly.
She did look like death on a stick so I packed her off to bed and let her teacher know we wouldn't be coming tonight.
Miss L was distraught because she had been looking forward to seeing her new friends in the park. I forgot to say last Thursday that we'd gone to call for them while Miss E was at tuition and she had played with their hamsters - a huge hit! And I had a cup of tea and a chat with Mrs L.
Funny making a new friend at the park at my age!
Hopefully Miss E will be feeling better tomorrow. 

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