By wws1968

Friends Reunited

A kinda emotional blip today, Lady V had spotted an ad in a local Facebook equestrian page for someone looking for a pony named “TAZ”they had owned and loved some fifteen years earlier and wished to be reunited. Not to be put off by the publicity Lady V Kindly responded and said she was indeed the owner of our little boy “Taz”..

Cutting to the thrust we have a happy, if not a tad emotional story of a pet re-united after an amazing fifteen years, I won’t go into details here but I was astounded that a pet can leave such an positive impact on their life that they have went out their way to try and find him after all that time.

The girl was 9 years old when she last saw Taz, she’s now 24 and done very well to hold it together and I’m so happy they found their little boy after all this time. 

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