Bike Riding - look at wind damage on barn!

This is our main ride route with our road bikes. Cousins hazelh & Mr hazelh would recognize this farm/barn and horses. Our horrific windstorm a week ago left alot of damage to this elderly barn roof.....hopefully they will repair it. It was a great ride and there was a big difference for my sweetie from our 1st rideclast week, he now knows what he is doing with the gears & shoe clipping... I am in trouble! We have signed up for the velodrome next weekend as well as the 50k Heary & Stroke fundraiser ride on the closed Don Valley Parkway on June 3rd, we need to train and get ready. I also rode to thevpool and back for a swim, making it 2.5 hrs on the bike and 45 minutes swimming laps. Whew....

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