Evan is three years old today

Social justice activism: this is the reason why. 

I want the love, the safety, the nutrition, the comfort, the education, and the privilege he enjoys to be available for all children, all over the world. In Gaza. In Syria. In the Philippines. In Venezuela. In the USA. In Sudan. In South Africa. Everywhere. They are all our children. 

Happy birthday, little gem of a kind-hearted, loving human being. 

He had a "Star Wars" themed birthday party, with strawberry cupcakes made to look like Star Wars characters. For no reason anyone understood, he didn't want people to sing the "Happy Birthday" song, and when we started, he cried. I stopped singing, though the other children present continued, much to his discomfort. (See extra.) So my main photo is not the typical "blowing out the candles" photo. 

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