Which flowers like to kiss?

Tulips, of course!  Thanks Anni/BikerBear for your FlowerFridays!   :))
I needed a bit of a laugh today, as after we came home from Tom's chemo, he turned on the news......another school shooting in Texas, with 8 dead........a story about an indoor waterpark here in Wisconsin: two different families sitting in two different places. One person went over by the other group and took one of their chairs. There were words exchanged and it escalated to a brawl, with punches thrown, chairs thrown, people thrown on the ground...in front of all kinds of children! Then a story of a professional golfer that gets assaulted by his wife because he had a terrible round of golf!! I can't even tolerate listening to the news anymore! It's this ME, ME, ME society, with no one thinking of how their actions could affect anyone else. Luke Bryant (a country western singer) has a lovely song out called "I believe most people are good"-- I like to think so, but I wish the news would stop sensationalizing all the bad things and put in more positive news.....people need hope, and love, and goodness, and kindness........not hatred and selfishness and greed and rudeness and people totally out of control!
Now I'm off my soapbox--rant over! 
Hope you all have a great (& relaxing) weekend--and don't turn on the "news"!   :))

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