Surprise Fly

I say surprise as I was taking a picture of this Livingstone Daisy when a fly popped on to it. I took immediate advantage of the situation and snapped him on the flower. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday for a long long time.

Today the boys were here again very early and the painter wanted in to our en suite and the downstairs loo. It took a bit of juggling to get in to one of the toilets but I'm past caring now and they are used to seeing me in my dressing gown. I emptied the spare room of its ton of clothes and bits and pieces and got it in to the new wardrobe. Then I went back to bed for a lie down as I was tired. We went to the club for a swim and a shower and then got ready to meet friends in Edinburgh for drinks and a meal. It was fun. We weren't too late back home. I had time to water the plants that I have and now its bed time. Got to get my shut eye before the wedding. Goodness knows how the bride is feeling................... They look a really nice couple.

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