Orange Tip and Daisy.

Hubby was off you know where at a ridiculously early hour. Some of these tournaments start at silly o'clock. I sent him off with his packed lunch and Factor 50 and then decided to wander down to Dragonland. We rarely get damsels down there and the big dragons come later but the butterflies were out in force. There were masses of male Orange Tips all frantically looking for a mate and rarely stopping but this one did. I don't often see butterflies feasting on daisies so I was most grateful that this one did - and I thanked him. There must be a colony of Orange Tips and another of Speckled Woods down there - lots of them very active at the moment. The very informative notice board provided the information that Orange Tips are very partial to Garlic Mustard and at times it is quite rampant here. I learned something new again today.

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