Changing my mind

All I can say in my defence is it looked better IRL!!! 
Not the best photo I've ever taken, I needed a different lens, more space to back off and less railing in the way! This is the old water tower in Kalmar, where we spent most of the day. 

No, it isn't good enough to be the main, it's been relegated to the extra.

So, THIS is a picture taken inside the museum in the exhibit about the sinking of the huge wooden warship, "Kronan" in the mid 1600s. Almost all the people on board drowned as she sank to the bottom of the sea, less than 50 were saved out of over 800 people... perhaps these two were lucky?

The wreck was preserved in the brackish water and since the 80s has been worked on. Thousands of artefacts have been recovered, restored and researched. It was a splendid exhibition with a lot of drama and touchy feely sections. We started with us both having a go on Dave's new electric bike (really fun) then a very tasty lunch with Dave, high up in the building. We then worked our way down through the building and 4 different exhibitions.

I get exhibition fatigue really quickly sometimes but this was not the case today. Good displays, well done, varied and interesting. With ice cream afterwards, since I am on holiday. 

The evening was spent at Högalid community college at the festival of music that our friend Kjell helped to organise. Lots of different acts on two stages, good food in the garden and mosquitoes to suit all tastes. And a flea market to raise money for the college snack shop, run by a group of intellectually challenged youngsters. I love the atmosphere there, very humane and supportive. 

We are now tired out, at home with our itchy bites, drinking tea and blipping. Poor Kjell, who was out of the house by 7.30 this morning, won't be home before 12.30 - he is 65 tomorrow and has the day off! 

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