Sevilla - D26: Arts & Crafts

If you know a bit about Sevilla, you know that its handmade ceramic tiles (azulejos) have been famous since Roman times. In fact, Triana, the neighborhood where I live here, used to house a huge tile factory (now a museum).  The tiles can be seen everywhere around town: each street name is rendered in tiles, and the azulejos variously adorn houses, gardens, benches, and of course are a main feature in most monuments.

So today, I took the opportunity to try my hand at painting a tile (see extra for my own chef d'oeuvre) as well as at throwing a pot (well, more like a cup, really, after I messed up the first time around). It was all good fun and I can return next week to get my first pieces of self-made art ;)

On the not so fun side of things, I've now caught the cold/ailment that has been plaguing our little group for the past three weeks. Nothing like being surrounded by sick people day in and day out... Two were diagnosed with pneumonia (one actually returned to the US after week one) and the others with various things from losing their voice to losing their hearing... I don't know what form my particular cold will take, but the timing is unfortunate: I am heading for a quick visit to France to see my mom for Mother's Day on Thursday... On the other hand, if you're going to be sick, you might as well do so while at 'home', right?

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