Leonardo da Vinci's inventions

Kjell's birthday dawned sunny and warm, as every day since we arrived here on Öland. We had a slow start with some sewing for me and some conversation till we got ourselves into Kalmar.

The castle is very well preserved and really inviting. As you walk through there are so many artefacts to look at and most of them aren't behind glass. I loved the feeling of closeness with the historical displays, the remakes of costumes and so on. There was even a throne for people to try out!

We were there to see the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, complete with machines made from the materials of the time - the extra shows one of the many flying machines he designed - or sketched in the margins. They were most beautifully crafted and they looked like they ought to work.... some of the nastier war machines surely did! He had far too much imagination.

The main picture is the castle chapel where children get baptised, and where weddings are performed - and where music is played. I sang a bit in the empty space, the sound was magnified by all the hard surfaces - lovely! 

We spent the evening eating a gorgeous buffet at a restaurant called E.A.T. - good name eh? It was a sort of Asian fusion place and everyone there was so sweet and helpful. It makes such a difference to the experience of eating out. I think Kjell was pleased with his 65th birthday, and his first day as an officially semi-retired person. He even got into the exhibition at a reduced price!

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