Beyond the curtain...

...MiL is having an echocardiogram. A follow-up procedure after her 'funny turn' and hospitalisation a few weeks ago.  I had to take her along this morning - thank goodness I remembered to call her an hour ahead to remind her, as she hadn't remembered yesterday's conversation about it. 

Waiting around in the corridor reminded me of when the younger daughter was doing her Francis Bacon-style paintings with a hospital theme, for her NCEA Level 3 art course. Her teacher told her to go and take some photos around the hospital, which she could use as reference for her work. That was rather easier said than done, as we had to skulk around corridors, peering through open doors to find good shots that didn't have people in them and trying to avoid being asked "Excuse me, can I help you?" in a pointed manner.

In fact, that painting teacher was a Very Good Sort. He retired at the end of last year, but is still in touch with her and it was he who recommended all along that she should head to Dunedin, rather than Wellington. Well, she seems to be enjoying Dunedin itself, but the course she is on is still not ticking many of her metaphorical boxes. 

She didn't go in today, apparently, because they were going to be sticking tissue paper onto cardboard boxes. That does sound rather like an activity that children might do in kindergarten, but I'm sure there was a point to it. Sadly the daughter cannot see that point. We are bracing ourselves for a dropping-out scenario. I hope it can be averted, but sometimes things just aren't right. Her older sister bailed out just three days into a masters at Edinburgh, when she realised that the course was simply not going to offer what she wanted - but then she already had her BA, which enabled her to get onto the course she really wanted, in Wellington. I left my 'enforced' secretarial course after just one term, in 1980. Nicky dropped out of Landscape Architecture after his first year, as he couldn't cope with all the maths and engineering, and had no interest in the Botany aspect!

On the plus side, her (actual) boxes of stuff, despatched from Nelson two weeks ago, finally arrived with her yesterday so she's been having fun unpacking everything and she really loves the Hiroshige book, and the teapot.

Book Club this evening - they've been reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I read about six or seven years ago, so we went to the cinema tonight to see the film of the book.  I thought it was excellent, but couldn't really remember all the details in the book (although I know I enjoyed it!) so can't comment on how well, or otherwise, the movie stuck to the original.  The plan had been to go for supper afterwards at the vegetarian cafe, but that somehow transformed itself into an idea that we should have Italian instead. I love Italian food, but sadly in Nelson it seems to mainly feature all the things that do not love me - wheat, dairy and tomatoes. I ordered vegetarian cannelloni, forgetting how much cheese would be involved. Sigh.

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