Seal morning

I went down to visit Nicky on the boat at lunchtime, and he pointed out this seal. It had apparently spent the morning lolling around in the marina near the pontoon. It appeared to just be enjoying the warmth of the sun - if you go large on this shot you can see it seems to be asleep! There was also quite a lot of languid 'saluting' (second extra)!

It had been there for so long (several hours) that we began to be concerned that it might be either sick or injured, as it wasn't diving at all. So we called in at the marina office  when we were leaving, to ask whether they knew much about normal seal activity. The person on duty came out for a look, and said that they do do that sometimes - just come in for a bit of a rest - especially younger ones, who can get tired when the weather has been rough. She said that if it's still there tomorrow, she might be concerned, but otherwise it's probably just chilling out.

It's been flipping freezing today!! More snow on the top of Mt Arthur and you can certainly feel it in the air. Nicky is definitely feeling the cold. There has been talk of a new heat pump (we might just get this one serviced first!) and moving forward the plan to double-glaze the window at the end of the living room which is just above the heat pump. For my part, and winter, I'd quite like a new TV that doesn't have a vague, large circular scorch mark in the centre of the screen. It's very noticeable on snowy scenes, and I think it's lost definition in those parts, too.

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