Long Shot Finale

I arrived home this evening to a full moon just masked by wispy clouds.  I thought I would try out the magnification of my Olympus 40-150 with its 1.4 teleconverter and shoot the moon. Handheld, the magnification looked promising but I need everything on a tripod for accuracy.  By the time I had sorted all that out, you can guess what had happened.......the clouds had rolled in. I waited around for a while but the occasional glimpse of the moon was not long enough to compose and focus - I just managed a couple of attempts and, in this one,  the focus is not too far off.  

Now the moon is a long way away, so I am very pleased with the result.  Another night when there is more moon and less cloud I will try again but, meanwhile, I will test out the magnification of the lens on more earthly objects a bit nearer to me - maybe a bird or something.

I was at Waddesdon again today, outside at the North Fountain where the buses from the car park load and unload. Being a sunny bank holiday and various attractions laid on for families, the crowds rolled in - more than 4,000 visitors today, so I was kept busy helping with the meet and greet.  Lots of fun though and people had enjoyed their day.  I was almost too tired to go out later, but did go to meet friends - we had a lovely evening with a bite to eat and then drinks at the house of another friend.

As its Mono Monday, this is the finale of the moon for tonight - I'm sure it will make an entrance for another show another day!

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