A time for everything

By turnx3

Walk at Sharon Woods

We had a bit of a slow start to the day, getting up a bit late, then spending some time on the computer/iPad. So it was late morning before I headed out for a walk at Sharon Woods, leaving Roger once again hard at work in the garden. The day was somewhat overcast when I set out, but the sky gradually cleared and accordingly the temperature rose. I did my usual route, starting at the harbour, walking around the lake then through the gorge and beyond, as far as the Visitor Center. There were quite a number of people out on the water, on paddle boards, in kayaks and canoes. I saw a couple of families of wood ducks, though unfortunately without the colourful males. On my way back home in the car, the car thermometer was reading 88 F, and when I got home Roger said his phone was giving the feel-like temperature of about 96F, figuring in the humidity! We tried going to the outdoor pool at the “Y” later in the afternoon, but unfortunately found it’s not open to the general public until the weekend (although it was open last weekend) - it was being used by the swim team. Dinner was easy tonight - finishing up leftovers from yesterday evening! After dinner, we watched a movie we’d borrowed from the library, quite an old one now, “Becoming Jane”. We couldn’t make out if we’d seen it before or not - the beginning and early part seemed familiar, but the second half less so!

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