The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Lovely email

I received this email before I even got to my office this morning. Today my office was my university office - I put annual leave in from my internship to be able to work on my conference submissions. I got one submitted completely and the other one (due July 2nd) will be send to one of my supervisors over the next week or so to check over before being sent to another supervisor for the final edit.

I also completed the final set of forms and paperwork for what may be a big change coming soon. I’m just waiting on an email from our research degrees department to be sent to an external person before everything is finally complete and I will then (hopefully) receive formal confirmation of this big change. This email, however, is taking a while and has a deadline so I will need to follow this up next week if I’ve not heard from either party in this information exchange.

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