musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


This little old lady starts and ends her day in Ason. As early as 7 in the morning, she was sat on the street between a temple and a tea shop. As I walked past her, she looked at me and said something. I couldn't understand if she was asking for money or telling me off or wanted to say something. Later, I found out she was offering me some biscuits. My photography instructor kindly took a piece of biscuit from her and I went on to grab another.

By the time she finished her biscuit, she was offered a cuppa Nepali milk tea, which she kindly offered to me. I respectfully declined and told her to drink it. We spent some time smiling and looking at each other. I think we both learnt from each other and language didn't stop us. A lady from the area told me she had come from India and has been living in Kathmandu for a few years now. 

As people walk past her towards or from the temple, they offered her some money. At one point, she offered her bag full of money to me. I was shocked! I had never experienced this in my life. Why would somebody as needy as her offer me everything she had including her bag of money? A little old lady with a big heart!

 Ason is a local marketplace on the other side of the town (from us).

PS: I have to admit: this photo was taken last week during an outdoor photography class and I did the editing today.

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