Pictorial blethers

By blethers

See Naples and ...

This photo sums up my experience of Naples this afternoon. A huge church (Santa Chiara) looming at the end of a narrow alley, theoretically pedestrian but still used by cars and mopeds emerging from massive doors, frequently of iron, behind which lie small squares full of parked cars and mopeds. And every wall thick with graffiti, to head height. All under a bright blue sky.

We’re here because the sea was too lumpy to allow safe tendering into Sorrento. I’m disappointed - but the sea was indeed lumpy enough to make even the ship stagger a bit as she crossed the Bay of Naples.

One thing missing from this photo is the traffic. The terrifying Naples traffic, edging forward at the lights, And the attendant pollution - I’m wheezing already.

See Naples and die? Probably in an RTA...

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