Serious Thoughts

not really...............she is just thinking. Its Mrs Mummy, as I call her sometimes. She popped over after work minus her entourage who were home with their father. I don't think she knew I was taking this picture that I have fiddled with. I'm not a broad brush person or I would have done it like this in second shot............coming up shortly with another of the look she gave me when she realised I was taking the photo of her !!! 

Second day of the 800 calories and it has not been a major problem. I just have to avoid looking at the fruit bowl or not be bored (that's not a problem) Mr AF is doing 1000 calories and he is surprised how he is not really hungry. I can't swear that this will last but I have talked myself into doing it so I will continue until the weekend and then possibly a treat. Going on holiday soon so that will all stop for the holiday and then I do hope I can get back on to it. No promises mind.

I will not have my DSLR with me on holiday which in someways is no bad thing. I will have Mr AF's Panasonic which is a clever little thing.........problem is that the instructions are crazy reading but I will take that manual with me.......Another shot for that one too so 
That's it Folks 

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