The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

The wedding dress

The day has come when I blip my wedding dress from behind. I have been very busy with my internship work today so I have not had a proper chance to take a photo for my blip. I did, however, receive a wonderful letter that I may blip in due course. This letter made my day!

Anyway, when I went on a dress-hunt in March 2017, I had three criteria:
(1) a short dress;
(2) no long train;
(3) no sparkles.

Thanks to the staff at Alice Elizabeth Corture, I chose my perfect dress - a long dress, with a long train and sparkles!

My blip profile picture shows the dress from the front and this shows it from the back. It was dusk when this photo was taken so the black and white helps to highlight my dress.

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