It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

Open 5- The Pentlands

I got loads of Blippable images today but Marcie wins through.

It was the Open 5 today starting out of Bonaly Primary. We left the house with event organiser James at 6am as he had stayed over at Rosemary's. On arrival, we were straight to work unloading the van, building gantries and goodness knows what else!I sometimes felt like a wee bit of a spare part as most of the team are pretty experienced.

When that was finished there weren't any jobs for me to do so I decided that i would head out onto the hills with the camera. just as I was leaving, I overheard one of the racer's, Sally, asking if she could leave her dog in the courtyard. "I'll take her, if you don't mind" i said. She must have been my Haglof's jacket making me look like a native. Anyway, with few instructions and without the dog's name, we headed for the hills.

All images here on Flickr.

We got on great though. She was an angel and behaved so well. We were like old friends... no fuss, just mutually happy for a bit company. We played with a stick, she went swimming and found a ball. we played with the ball!

All the racers were really happy too, especially as the weather was great. I was really pleased with the piccies I got. Not much more to say.... I was in heaven. 5.5 hours later, we got back to the school, both feeling peckish. I got in trouble for feeding the dog part of my lunch!

All racers came in, and Marcie was re-united with her mummy. We had a good old day though!

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